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Go from 0 to 60 in a SwiftZap

SwiftZap is a walk-thru hand sanitiser unit that keeps people moving in high-traffic areas. The easy to use design means people can sanitise their hands without stopping, allowing 60 people per minute to safely and swiftly pass through and zap their hands.

Hand hygiene - a key pillar

Quicker, easier, more accessible and less wasteful ways of maintaining hand hygiene will continue to be vital in reducing transmission. A Cambridge University study found that by improving hand hygiene alone, infections can be reduced by over 58%. Readiness to deal with any future virus in high-traffic areas will be crucial to maintaining public confidence in health and security. 

The problem today

The big issue with hand sanitisation is low take-up. This stems from ‘stop & dispense’ systems that are inconvenient and easy to avoid. The public have grown tired of Gel-based sanitisers, resulting in less than 0.5% take-up of sanitiser in the UK’s busiest railway stations. 

Waste is also a problem with gel-based systems. They use more product and more plastic, due to the amount of refilling needed and the amount of sanitiser that is inaccurately dispensed. 

See SwiftZap In Action

About us

SwiftZap is the product of a North East consortium bringing together an innovative start-up founded by Chemical Engineering graduate Kieran Dougan, a world-class engineering business, and a leading UK design school.

Interested in SwiftZap?

From fully-serviced machines to subscription packages, we offer a range of ways to meet the needs of your business. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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