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About Us

SwiftZap has been developed in the North East of England by an innovative start-up working alongside industry-leading engineers and designers.


SwiftZap is the product of a North East England consortium bringing together an innovative start-up founded by Chemical Engineer Kieran Dougan, a world-class engineering business, and a leading UK design school. We're a wellbeing solutions company that improves mobility and safety through human centred design and technology innovation. Together, we make life safer.

British Engines

British Engines is a leading engineering group with a long heritage in the North East of England since 1922. The group’s eight businesses design and manufacture technology leading products for, as well as provide services to, a wide range of industries including the renewables, digital, defence, power, nuclear, aerospace, robotics, oil and gas, chemical, marine, construction and agriculture sectors.

Northumbria University

Named as one of Europe’s top design schools with an international reputation for innovation and creativity, Northumbria University School of Design have focussed on ergonomics and accessibility to help ensure SwiftZap units have rapid throughput and result in high levels of user satisfaction. 

What makes SwiftZap unique?

  • Hand sanitisation for high-traffic areas
  • Developed by trusted and industry-leading engineers and designers
  • Keeps people safe without slowing down
  • Sanitises up to 60 people per minute

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