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Here are some of the most frequent questions about SwiftZap. If you can’t see the answer to a question you’d like to ask, use our contact form to get in touch.


The SwiftZap unit can process up to 60 people per minute.

SwiftZap can help advise on the optimal deployment configuration. A computer modelling service has been developed in conjunction with Arup utilising Arup’s MassMotion modelling software to model, validate and test flow and queuing dynamics. SwiftZap will also work with you or your existing consultants of choice to plan deployment.

Height – 1150mm
Width – 280 mm
Length – 1600 mm

The machines are designed to be used in either direction and can therefore be used to create any desired traffic flow (single-direction or bi-directional).

The standard spacing between units is 600 – 750mm depending if users will be carrying large bags or using shopping trolleys. To create a  wheelchair accessible lane, a spacing of 900mm should be used.

It is recommended that the unit should be secured to the floor for long term use. In cases where this is not possible a free-standing support kit can be purchased with the SwiftZap unit.

The standard unit is powered by a 230V AC supply. A battery-powered option is available which will allow the unit to operate for 7 – 14 days between charging depending on usage.

The standard unit is designed for indoor use. If outdoor use is required please contact to discuss your specific application.

The units are designed to withstand the same level of wear and tear as access barriers and other equipment in public use. The outer casing utilises 1.5mm industrial grade stainless steel the application tunnel around the spray units is made of reinforced composite with a stainless steel cover. The unit is designed to be anchored to the ground and be able to deal with impacts.

ARUP are able to utilise the advanced MassMotion modelling software. Together with their market-leading expertise, MassMotion provides the ideal platform to plan and validate the deployment of SwiftZap units, giving confidence on spacing, processing capacity, wait times and people flow.


The SwiftZap unit uses a water-based sanitiser solution with benzlkonium chloride as the key active ingredient.

Benzalkonium chloride can be used in much lower concentrations and does not cause the familiar 'burn' feeling you might know from using alcohol hand sanitiser. It is often used for people who have to sanitise their hands a lot. As the solution is water-based it also removes the hazardous fire risk associated with an alcohol-based sanitiser.

Alcohol-free hand sanitiser just as effective against COVID as alcohol-based versions - Brigham Young University (

  • Safe, non-flammable formula
  • Prevents alcohol consumption/poisoning
  • Will not dry skin like alcohol-based sanitisers
  • Inclusive for all cultures and religions
  • Kills 99.99% of common germs in 15 seconds
  • Produces a very fine mist for even application and increased user satisfaction

The SwiftZap unit holds 55 litres of sanitiser.

The unit is designed to dispenses a total of 1 ml per person (0.5 ml per hand).

The SwiftZap machines use a boxed refill system that is designed to be safe and easy to use by any personnel following simple instructions. The system uses refills that are safe to handle and remove the risk of spillage. Furthermore, the containers significantly reduce plastic waste compared to similar products.

SwiftZap have designed and can provide a utility trolley that can be refilled from a bulk container. The pumped system allows fluid to be quickly, efficiently and safely transferred into the machine. The system is designed to be safe and easy to use allowing existing facility staff to operate.

Simply email  quoting your contract reference. Orders will be sent using a next day delivery service to the location specified.


Please use the form on our Contact Us page, or email to place an order.

SwiftZap will be pleased to assist with organising a visit where clients can see and use the units.

We can arrange to provide rental machines on a trial basis. The length and duration of the trial can be customised to your requirements. Installation, servicing and removal services can also be provided.

Yes – please contact us on with your specific requirements.


SwiftZap can provide a full delivery and installation services and advice, where necessary working in conjunction with your facility management providers.

The standard warranty period is 12 months.

Yes. The units are designed for long term use and deployment and a number of extended service package options are available to suit individual customer requirements.

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