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Flo-San Announces start of Pilot test at Newcastle International Airport

Flo-San Limited (“Flo-San”) announces the commencement of a one-month pilot study at Newcastle International Airport. Three units will be placed in the airport to test their impact on passengers’ flows, and take-up rates as well as providing an opportunity to see the units being used in practice and collecting user feedback and views.

The trial will commence on 10th December and run for one month, the three units being deployed have been fully tested and safety certified by an independent assessor. The units have been engineered to be placed in sensitive and high-risk environments such as airports and stations where management of fire and explosion risk is paramount.  The units have also been designed to be rugged and durable and be able to deal with collisions from body and large bags.

Kieran Dougan, CEO of Flo-San commented “Our aim was for FLO-SAN to be able to process people at the same rate or faster than a conventional ticket barrier, that’s around 32 people per minute. We have exceeded that target.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Newcastle Airport on our pilot project. As passenger volumes start to recover, we hope FLO-SAN will be a positive step towards restoring normality and allow passengers all over the world to travel with confidence.”

James Boag stated “It is such a simple thing but can have a huge impact. However, we need to find a way to achieve greater take-up from the public and we believe FLO-SAN could be the answer.”

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