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Flo-San Surveys Validate Need for New Solution to Hand Sanitisation in High Foot Fall Environments

Flo-San Limited (“Flo-San”) announces that a number of surveys carried out at a sample of national train stations highlights the inadequacy of the hand sanitisation solutions available today with the result that the take up rates for hand hygiene are unacceptably low.

In a survey of 6 national railway stations, surveys undertaken by Flo-San as part of its research validation highlighted an average take up rate of between 0.4% and 0.7% for passengers travelling through the stations.

Sanitising hands is key to stopping the spread of diseases such as Covid-19. A study by MIT found that if the percentage of clean hands in key airports increased from 20% to 60%, the rate of disease transmission would fall by 69%. Provision of hand sanitisation solutions is especially important for people who are passing through high pedestrian flow rate nodes, where contact may have taken place with buttons, handles and rails.

Kieran Dougan, CEO of Flo-San commented “These rates reflect that a completely new approach to hand sanitisation in such environments is required. Without a more integrated and intelligent long-term solutions approach hand sanitisation simply will not be delivered. What is needed in high pedestrian flow rate environments is a solution that does not require detours, does not create delays and can be used without stopping.

It should also be borne in mind that the surveys took place during a period of lock-down when volumes of passengers were extremely low. Without implementation a new approach to hand sanitisation, such as a the one we are developing, take up rates could only be expected to drop further as passenger numbers return to normal.”

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