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Designed for busy spaces: The only way to deliver hand sanitisation in high-traffic areas

KEEPS people moving in high-traffic areas

SwiftZap is designed to provide hand sanitisation in high-traffic areas without causing queues or congestion. The walk-thru unit allows people to sanitise their hands without stopping. It can be used in both directions, and dispenses a sanitising mist on the left and right sides, meaning it is flexible and accessible for all ages and abilities. 

Safe And Accessible

Using a water-based solution has many benefits, one of which is to eliminate the risk of fire. The low-voltage components and unit materials are all specifically selected to comply with strict fire regulations in underground stations. 

Each SwiftZap unit is also customisable, so the width can be adapted to suit what each location and venue demands, and the height is suitable for wheelchair users, with an application tunnel designed to collect and store any excess liquid. 

What is mist sanitiser?

SwiftZap is a new way of doing hand hygiene. The mist sanitiser is a positive, quick experience, with lots of advantages compared to gels and liquids. It’s an NHS-approved, alcohol-free solution, suitable for all skin types and all religions. It uses less sanitiser and provides precise, full-hand coverage, using a mist that rapidly air-dries, so there’s no need to stop and rub hands together.

Built to last

The unit itself is made from industrial grade brushed stainless steel, designed to make an impact and to take one. The street-furniture style unit is perfect for tough environments. The application tunnel is reinforced composite, and all the working parts are built by leading manufacturers. 

The Power of Positivity

SwiftZap completely changes the experience of hand sanitisation. The open and welcoming design has received 100% positive feedback in user trials. With LED lights that guide hands through the application tunnel, there is no mess and no stopping, just a quick and refreshingly easy way to sanitise hands. 


Current hand sanitisers rely on a ‘stop & dispense’ methodology. But SwiftZap is a walk-thru unit, designed to keep people moving in high-traffic areas.


Many standard “stop & dispense” style units


Designed for high-flow areas

Need to stop Non-stop

Designed for high-flow areas

6-7 people per minute Up to 60 people per minute

Sustainability benefits

Average 330 people per 1 L refill 55,000 people processed per refill

Sustainability benefits

400 plastic bottles per 100,000 people Zero waste

Sustainability benefits

Average 2-6 ml per person Below 1ml per person
Vastly increases compliance 0.4% take-up rate 80% target take-up rate
Huge time and cost saving potential Typically 1 L tank size 55 litre tank size

Interested in SwiftZap?

From fully serviced machines to subscription packages, we offer a range of packages to meet the needs of your business. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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